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29 December 2008 @ 11:35 pm

reading: "revolt of the filmmakers" by george faraday & "autonomy versus barbarism: if autonomy in art means self-determination rather than apartness then it must spread its wings" by dave beech. i really like the low-fi mind grind but i think i'm still gonna rock the sycophantic organic, i think it is rather hard to be pleased with your own flow. if only i could just be you tonight. what a dangerous place to be.

thanks xinyi for going to the fish spa & going longkang-fishing with me!!! 8D
28 December 2008 @ 10:17 pm

(for 28th, because my desktop has been hard at work imbibing Being a Bitch 101 and is adamantly uncooperative, giving me the digital finger every five minutes)
27 December 2008 @ 07:05 pm

today's setCollapse )
Current Music: tears for fears - head over heels
26 December 2008 @ 02:51 pm

so through christmas rubik & i have been rly rly exhausted, sorry for the lateness and somewhat not-decent picture... (this picture was taken yesterday, at least, after fervent festivities) rubik was really so tired! the earlier half of christmas was spent with my cousins, who squealed over rubik and took many pictures of him (there was a handful of rubik&i together, i was hoping i could obtain it in time for the christmas post haha). i COMPLETELY misconstrued xinyi's statement and thought she was only back on 29th so i forgot about her caroling!!! adfksjaladf SIIIGH, super sorry man felt really crappy after i read her sms. had a fantastic meal with kevin though. got to wear my superb discogroove 4" white&gold pumps, along with some artyfarty white graffiti graphictee splashed with teal & pink and outlined in scratchy black + black mini + purple leggings. then i got down to my illustration stint, finally finished it this afternoon (after feeling like taking nitroglycerin&artillery to the world). have made $$$!!! sigh but of all things to WORK ON CHRISTMAS, that's so scrooge.

oh well, belated merry christmas y'all. :) hopefully my cousin posts pictures soon. i'll repost here.
Current Music: lady gaga - boys boys boys (i'm obssessed with her)
24 December 2008 @ 11:27 pm

1. sleep like a king
2. dress like a queen
3. dream like a fool

i can't believe i woke at five today. caught a few pictures of rubik (who had peered very meaningfully into his empty food bowl) before wondering why the sunlight was speedily slinking away, before realising the occluded sky meant the onset of a flash shower. right! rubik's an amazing poseur sitter, that one. also found a bottle of jack daniel's lying around the house and was really amused - 43% alcohol!! - so i simply had to take a picture... and of course rubik had to walk in. oh well, that light striation was what i was trying to achieve (but failed) here. i think i could try it again!!

edit: sigh how can the wow server shot down now????? and for eight hours, no less! i'll never be level 60 by christmas. i think i'll go out shopping... or maybe get down to theatresque.